One on One Weight Loss Coaching

Our Certified Weight Management Coaches teach you how to incorporate real food like ice cream, pizza, and brownies (to name a few) into healthy eating habits while losing an average of 2-7 pounds per week!

You have to move to lose so we teach you how to increase your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) so your metabolism will be running faster when you are done with the program than it was when you started! That’s how you are going to keep the weight off for good this time!

What can I eat? REAL FOOD!! You can get started with the foods that are in your cupboards and refrigerator right now!

How long does it take? As a Premier Fitness & Wellness Weight Loss Member, you will lose an average of 2-7 pounds per week!

How much does it cost? The average weekly cost of our weight loss coachig program is around $13/week! We are proud of the fact that we are the most inexpensive program in the area as well as one of the most successful!

Before In Progress At Goal
Robin has lost 30.6 pounds, 53 inches, and 10.1% body fat in just 23 WEEKS.
I feel so much better now after seeing Sally this year. It has been amazing, there have been a lot of victories with so few setbacks and it has been very uplifting to have reached so many goals along the way. It has also been a HUGE help to go through this with Teresa and Terri, I think that we have all leaned on each other throughout this journey, and we all look great. My energy levels are so much higher than I could have ever anticipated and my self-esteem has gone up with it. The things I used to dread I find I look forward to now, like exercising or shopping for clothes. Sally and all of the staff at Premier Fitness have been phenomenal, they’re excited to see you everyday and they really make you feel special when you come in. If you are ever questioning whether or not this is a good program for you, come talk to me, I’ll point you right in Sally’s direction and you can go on to reach your goal from there. So many people I know are doing this program now, including my mom, and she looks the best she has in years. Thank you Sally, I feel like a rock star!

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Thinner, Healthier, Happier…this will be you when you become a Premier Fitness Weight Loss Member.

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